29. Dare to Live Abnormally

When someone tries their best to live pleasing God, he will experience the “pain” when he has to do God’s will and suppress his own will. The process of releasing his own pleasures starts from simple things that are easy to let go. Eventually, someone will have to let go of the pleasure that has been embedded with himself; that is the pleasure which value is as high as his own soul or life. Those are the pleasures that are hard to let go. Frankly, he will say that he cannot live without such pleasure. That pleasure can be someone or something, such as wealth, dignity, status, pleasure of eating, drinking and partying, sex, hobby, jewelries, fashion and so forth. The pleasure that is most considered as not violating God’s will is to live normally as others. Truthfully, it is another pleasure that has to be released.

A life as God’s children is an abnormal life in the eyes of the world; a kind of life that has no other pleasure except pleasing God the Father. Our pleasures in life are like regions in our own kingdom, which we would never surrender to anyone else. Letting go of a pleasure is like killing ourselves. It really hurts. This is what restrains someone from dedicating his life to God rightfully. In this case, someone may prove his love to God when he is willing to let go of everything and place God as his only joy in life. Eventually, there is no other pleasure left except pleasing God.

The fact is many Christians nowadays are not ready to enter an extraordinary life as remarkable God’s children. This is because they are not ready to leave their own pleasures. In relation to this, the Bible also tells stories of people who were not willing to follow Lord Jesus so they lost such valuable opportunity. For example, as written in Luke 9:57-62, those people wanted to follow Lord Jesus but they did not want to pay the price. Many Christians do not know or unwilling to understand that following God requires a very high price. They like everything free. Indeed, having Christianity only as a religion is cheap and almost free, but it does not come with salvation. Whereas following Lord Jesus means following His lifestyle and doing what Lord Jesus teaches us to do. The price is very expensive, but this is the real salvation. Without following His lifestyle and without doing what Lord Jesus teaches us to do, it means we are rejecting salvation. This is the same as selling our own birthright for a single meal.1 Many Christians do not realize this. They assume the right of salvation is automatically owned and it may never disappear.

Following Lord Jesus means willing to live like Lord Jesus, which had no place to put down His head. This means not looking for comfortable living. This is the hardest thing faced by Christians, because by implementing this truth someone will start to feel his life is strange. However, this is how to truly appreciate life. Generally, man live only to fulfill their physical needs and to desire what others have according to the spirit of the times. It is understandable if this concept of living is implemented by people who live before the era of grace or the non-believers; yet how terrible and doomed it is if a believer puts on the same concept of life. The spirit of life for believers is the spirit from the Highest, namely to put on the life passion of Lord Jesus: “to have no place to lay His head”. The life of Lord Jesus is a life that is dedicated only for God the Father, which is to do His will and complete His work.2 Believers will lay their heads in the new heaven and new earth, His future kingdom, and while on earth they work hard for the food that remains to eternal life.3

1) Hebrew 12:16-17;   2) John 4:34;   3) John 6:27.

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