28. Learn from Me

Our desire is the only thing we have that is the most difficult to let go, as it has been embedded in our lives; however, God wants us to let go of it for Him. This sounds impossible, but when God gives an order, He will enable us to do it. For this matter, there is no one else who can coach and help believers to do it except Lord Jesus. That is why God said: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke on you and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.1 Here the word rest means the end of journey (in Greek, anapauso; ἀναπαύσω), which means to have no other desire except to live as exemplified by Lord Jesus. For this Lord Jesus said: “Learn from Me”. What is to learn? If we only want to be kind, we do not need to learn from Lord Jesus. We can get help and guidance from Torah. Lord Jesus teaches us His lifestyle. When someone follows Lord Jesus’ lifestyle, he makes Lord Jesus as the end of his journey. Thus, the end of believers’ journey is not a time or something else, but Lord Jesus Himself.

Usually someone is not willing to give up his rights. He will defend and stand up for his rights. Those are his desires. Standing up for his rights is man’s life language and  rhythm in general. A lot of dissensions and disputes are caused from defending our own rights. Not a few people have evil heart, lack of care, and like to deprive the rights of others. But if someone wants to be a Christ’s follower, they should not avoid the idea of giving up his rights. Only those who are willing to lose their rights, which are all of their desires, will become servants who please Him. They will be able to finish their work of ministry well just like how their Master has done. There is nothing else that makes Lord Jesus happier than our willingness to follow His path. Only those who are in tune with God can serve God the Father. When someone let go of his rights, which are all of his desires, then he can feel rest. This is the secret of true Christian living. When someone has a lot of desires, he becomes further away from rest, but when he empties his heart from all desires, then he will be really free or able to find rest in his life.

The mistake that happens nowadays is a false or misleading preaching of the Gospel. The word rest as promised by God is understood as rest from all the problems in fulfilling physical needs. For example, rest due to recovering from a sickness, rest due to owning a personal house, rest due to earning well, rest due to finding a life partner, rest due to heavy problems solved, and so forth. Such rest is not the rest that Lord Jesus meant. This is the kind of rest that worldly children are seek for. This kind of rest should not be offered to a congregation, as if with those worldly facilities believers might feel their life is more complete, safe, comfortable and happy. This is a type of idolatry. Believers should be taught to feel at rest in the midst of any difficult situations. In fact, this is where believers may prove that the peace of God surpasses all understanding.

If someone has already felt the true peace of God that surpasses all understanding, then he will not want anything else. His purpose of life is God and His kingdom. Indeed, to reach this level someone has to continuously experience mindset transformation and personal relationship with God. Believers who make God and His kingdom as their purpose of life will strive to follow Lord Jesus’ lifestyle in order to please God the Father. It is impossible for people who enjoy the peace of God not to yearn for being like Lord Jesus. That kind of peace cannot be enjoyed without a character like Lord Jesus.

1) Matthew 11: 28-29.

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