A high quality experience with God is difficult to tell to others because such testimony can only be understood by mature Christians. Sometimes it also cannot be expressed because it tends to be very personal. People who are not spiritually mature and do not understand the cultivation of God for someone to bring him to perfection, will see high quality experiences with God upon someone who is being cultivated by God as a weird thing. Such experiences as someone who already acts honestly but instead he is suppressed, someone who is treated unfairly but as if God does not help him, and so forth. All of those experiences are God’s ways to mature or to perfect a believer’s life. High quality experiences with God include events that God allows to happen in someone’s life, that through them God speaks to advise and rebuke until a believer grows up to have divine conscience. This thing frequently happens personally and often highly secretive in someone’s life, so it cannot be easily testified or told to others. As for an experience with God that lacks of high quality can be easily testified to others, because usually it is related to things that involve fulfillment of physical needs (miraculous healing, a way out from economic problem, be spared from calamity, and so forth). The audience – who mostly have the same needs – would be easy to understand and glad to hear that. If this thing happens continuously, then eventually believers would never understand the real treasure, namely salvation where man is returned to God’s original plan.

With a high quality experience with God, a believer experiences refinement process to become a “man of God” or to have divine nature, in accordance with God’s original plan when He made man. Actually, this experience is the same as the experience of being a disciple of Lord Jesus personally. Such experience should be in person because each person has a different, very special and unique existence. Therefore, God’s way in dealing with each individual is different. Lord Jesus make believers His disciples to have a life like He ever put on and demonstrated during He became a man on this earth two thousand years ago. Only people who are made disciples by Lord Jesus personally will experience and own salvation. In this case, it is obvious that it is not easy to be able to experience and own salvation.1 So, how foolish Christians who are without struggle to be made disciples by Lord Jesus personally, but feel that they have already owned salvation. Many people feel that they have already become God’s disciples and own salvation only by being Christians who go to church. Salvation happens over someone through a life experienced by someone from time to time where God works together. How evil is a church that easily claims that someone has already been saved whereas he does not have experience with God every day in the process of becoming a man as God’s original plan. Church must preach the true Word of God and hardly encourage every believer to have experience with God every day.

Actually, having high quality experience with God does not easily happen to everyone. This thing also cannot be understood by immature Christians. This is same as underage children having lack of high quality experiences with parents. Such experiences as playing, having picnic, traveling and alike do not make them become adults. Children are just having fun. But when a child becomes an adult, parents educate their children to go to college, earn a living with their parents through trading, and so forth. The grown-up children have already been able to bear the burden together with their parents. This thing makes such children become mature. Similarly, a high quality experience with God makes a believer to become perfect and being led into the Kingdom of Heaven. God educates us with tough experiences.

1)  Luke 13:23-24

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