26. Free Ourselves from All Possessions

Which goods or any part of you that you think the most valuable? Money or possessions, reputation, self-esteem, family (children, spouse), pets, paintings or antiques (for those who love art),  and/or the other? Take a moment to ponder seriously. How satisfied do we enjoy it? How long will you be able to enjoy it? And what is the impact or effect of having and enjoying it? This question leads us to think logically, intelligently, and spiritually. This question can be considered to interfere or otherwise enhance our life happiness. Intrusive means to reduce feelings of happiness or to interfere pleasure because we are reminded that someday what we will let go what we currently have, and it turns out that everything we have, if not managed properly, will bring nothing in eternity, even worse it can destroy us. It can be a friend or foe, just like fire.

All of those can be our happiness if we realize that everything is entrusted to us to enjoy just for a moment and we should use them to serve The Great King, in order to bring eternal consequences. We are grateful that everything considered valuable will not forever overwhelm us. It should be admitted that the more we feel to own something, the more severe and difficult we can let it go. Of course this depends on our heart attitude. There are people who have a little but too difficult to release it, because they consider it as a lot. But logically the more people have a lot, the more difficult they can let it go, because the more painful it will be. This is what Lord Jesus meant that it is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.1 In this case, Paul reminded us not to expect something that is uncertain.2 This is the Devil’s deceit to destroy man. The Devil makes man tied up so much with everything that is not God. This is what the Bible says as romance with the world.

Lord Jesus will never be reckless in His words. When he said that “whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters”, this means a demand and a challenge that should not be underestimated.3 In this statement, Lord Jesus challenges us to stand on whose side and to live for whose interest. Someone should exist in a group of floating mass. Floating mass are those who do not have the intention to vote or make a decision. If someone becomes a Christian and an activist only, then he is not necessarily included in active voters group.

Many Christians feel that they already choose God even though they have not been standing on God’s side. If a servant of a congregation or an activist makes church as his personal business, then he will not be able to say firmly to the congregation, because it can interfere with his living. He easily suggests that all who have been to the church – moreover those who support church activities – are already on God’s side. The most important thing for him is whatever benefits ecclesial ministry. He also will not direct the congregation to earnestly live as true followers of Christ, because he himself has not become a true follower of Christ. They have not understood God’s interest.

It should be no needs other than the ones that will benefit God’s work ministry. This way of life is not something easy to do, because the life standard of man in general is to live for his own sake. Living for himself is considered as a common value that does not violate life decency. Although it does not violate life decency in man’s view, it does not meet the standard as a redeemed child. As a redeemed child, someone must live fully for the Master who redeemed him. Actually it is an honor for us to live fully for the The Great King, Lord Jesus.

1) Mark 10:25;   2) 1Timothy 6:17-19;   3) Matthew 12:30.

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