25. Stopover Period

It is Lord Jesus who became the model of God’s child desired by God the Father. He is the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. Salvation is God’s effort to restore man to His design, namely “to become God’s children”.1 Therefore, if we want to receive the salvation from Lord Jesus, then we should give ourselves to be cultivated in order to become God’s children. We, as the chosen people, are called to be God’s children. Through the carving process of our conscience, then it will form our awareness that we are man created to serve His will. We are not called simply to become religious people who understand and carry out the laws. But we are called as creations with high awareness that we live in a universe where there is The Ruler who actively reigns, where we should submit ourselves fully to Him unconditionally. This is the life passion of Lord Jesus: My food is to do the will of the One who sent me and to complete His work. People like this are no longer trying to save their lives.

Someone who realizes that he is a temporary resident in the world and acts as a passenger in this world, is more likely to have a new world together with The Great King. But if someone does not feel that he is a temporary resident, he will lose the chance to have another better world.2 He is willing to lose his life. Life here refers to soul pleasures that are influenced by man’s life philosophy in general. Man’s soul is colored with the way of life of the world’s children, who are not the chosen people prepared to inherit His Kingdom. All man has been poisoned by the life philosophy that leads them toward eternal darkness, lulled by all of life pleasures today until they lose the opportunity forever. This opportunity cannot be bought by anything. Disregarding this opportunity means disregarding God who gives it.

How terrible is the condition of man who lose the coming world, but many people do not care about it. It is similar to children who do not understand how high is the life risk for a child who does not want to study hard to prepare the future. His laziness leads to poverty. His life activities or diligence is directed to other activities that do not prepare for the future. But this is still light compared with someone does not have tomorrow in eternity. Young adults who do not want to lose their youth – as it is owned and enjoyed by other young adults – finally build destruction to their future. Similarly, people who do not want to lose their lives or their life span in the world today but who will lose tomorrow in eternity.

Losing soul means someone who realizes and acts that living in this world is not to settle. Seventy years should be considered as a temporary stopover. In that stopover, he should not behave as if he will settle down. Most of man – including Christians – act as people who seemed to settle. If this rhythm of life is not immediately changed, then he can never change. Because he cannot be changed again, he thinks that it is a natural rhythm of life tolerated by God. In his heart he will say, “life is indeed like this”. People like this can no longer understand the truth. But most of them feel that they understand the truth. How great the Devil deceives them.

Actually, to be a true follower of Lord Jesus Christ is very difficult, if not almost impossible to do. It is because to follow Jesus means to follow his footsteps; to live as He lived on earth. If someone is just being a follower, then it is almost no price to pay, even he can feel to have the right to get paid. As what happens today in many Christian communities, they are taught that by following Lord Jesus then they will automatically receive physical blessings on health, business, employment, successful study of their children, and others; and when they die they will automatically go to heaven.

1). John 1:11-12;   2). Matthew 10:39; 16:25-26.

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