24. A Rebel

Since we have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus and belong to Him entirely, we should not feel entitled for our life, because we do not create this life. Our existence is also not because we want it, but God has designed it. For that reason, we should question what is demanded by Him who creates and provides this life. He only demands for one thing, that God’s people are pleasing His heart. How can we please His heart? We should learn to know Him and what He likes. As a temporary residence in this world, we should be able to fit in ourselves properly. We should understand what is demanded by the Owner of this life.

We should not be like the fallen angel (Lucifer), who forgot or was unaware that his existence was just because of God of the universe who created him. Certainly he was supposedly created only for His creator. He should not have his own agenda. He was supposed to obey God’s agenda. On the contrary, he wanted to please his own desire. It is said in the Bible that sin was discovered in him. The word “sin” in the original text means iniquity, unjust, perverseness, unrighteousness. It is unrighteous whenever a creation does not completely live for his creator.1

Whoever thinks that God is not entitled for his life will be seen from his life attitude that desires everything for his satisfaction.2 Such people make friendship with the world. They are people who betray God. This world is used as a decoy by the Devil to snare people away from devoted to God.3 The fact is nowadays many people think that they feel entitled for their lives and place many desires within them and ignoring God who owns their lives. They even plead God to satisfy their own desires.

Take a moment to ponder, that we were created from nothing. It is God who created something, to present a person namely “me”. When creating each of us, God must have an agenda. It is God’s agenda that we should care of, and we should not have our own agenda. Someone who strays away all of his own desires is someone who feel entitled for his own agenda. Such person’s status is actually a rebel. They live in the world only to fulfil all activities from their own agenda. This is wrong! We are supposedly to live merely for God’s agenda.

When God created someone, truly He wants to have a child who is willing to dedicate himself to and have communion with God the Father. It is possible for God to have a creation that is programmed to obey Him without the ability to commit any sin. But this is not what demanded by God the Father. It can be considered that the fallen angels had been programmed to be God’s children, who have willingness to dedicate themselves to God the Father. However, there were angels who rebel against Him.

There is a very big possibility that Lucifer was also created in the likeness (or conformed to the image) of God. Spirits of the angels also come from God4 It is written in Ezekiel 28:12, “… This is what the sovereign Lord says: ‘You were the sealer of perfection, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty.’“  It is possible for an angel to rebel against God. The fact was, later on man rebelled against God the Father in Heaven. It is possible for God the Father to instantly creating man just like a robot that is automatically obedient without being able to rebel. Instead, God did not do so. God created a new creature as a child through a process. The first Adam was supposedly to be the first man prototype who is worthy to be called as God’s children but he failed, and consequently his entire descendants fail. If the first man were successful to be God’s children according to God’s pattern, then Lucifer would be found guilty and all of Adam’s descendants would become God’s children.

1) Ezekiel 28:15;   2) James 4:1-4;   3) Luke 4:5-8;   4) Hebrew 12:9.

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