23. Finding Eternal Lover

A lover means someone whom we put our heart on. A lover is a source of happiness whom is more than anything. A lover dominantly colors one’s life. A lover becomes a wealth that is more valuable than anything. A lover is like opiate that binds a person and cannot be separated. A lover is shackle and prison that delights and comfortable that makes a person not want to get out of it. The world supplies various types of lovers. Basically when a person does not make God as his lover that means he makes another figure as his lover.

A lover in this world can only give temporary pleasure, not more than seventy years. He/she can never become an immortal lover. Anyway,a lover in this world can not guarantee this life perfectly, especially in eternity. Only one person can be the eternal lover, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is therefore foolish if we do not choose God as our lover. It is unfortunate if someone does not make God as his/her lover. To make something or someone in this world as a lover is very easy because they are visible, can be touched and enjoyed significantly. But making God as a lover is a difficult thing, even practically impossible because God is invisible and sometimes God act like no exist. Making something or someone in this world as a lover does not require effort, but making God as a lover requires struggling and sacrifice of whole life. Many people feel that they have been lovers to God and have made God as their lover just because they have a sentimental feeling. Indeed, feeling has the power to make God asa lover, but the feeling is not permanent. Feeling is often unstable. Feeling should be constructed from solid understanding. A solid understanding will build a permanent feeling of love to the Lord Jesus.

To make God as a lover, a person must have the courage to believe in God properly. Believeis properly constructed from properly knowing who the Lord Jesus is. Therefore we must strive to learn about His personality, which is the same as learning to know God. This effort shows that we choose God as lover. Without knowing God one will not be able to make him as lover. How can one love someone whom he/she is not familiarwith and cannot feel His presence? Knowledge of God is built from the two pillars;firstly, recognize Him with cognitive or reasoning. Secondly, real experiences with Him in everyday life.

Having several lovers in this world is not a problem or is not too problematic, but if someone makes God as a lover means he/she must shut his/her heart down for anyone and anything. All that are owned, either people or goods, must be used for His pleasure. It is so extreme that the Lord Jesus uses the phrase: “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple”.1 Making God as a lover means serving Him because,God is the Bridegroom. When someone serves God, then the devotion creates beauty and enjoyment of the relationship with God. Therefore someone who makes the Lord Jesus as his/her lover must try to understand what God’s willis in order to pleaseHim. One cannot be a lover of God if he/she is still selfish or deals with God just because he/she wants to obtain the blessing and the assistance of various life issues. In this case, one can be a friend of God if he/she grows up. Along with his/her maturation,his/her relationship as a lover of God becomes more qualified.

1)            Luke 14:26

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