23. Anapauso

How dangerous is the fact that many people continue to postpone in determining who will be enthroned in their lives.  They neither intend to worship the Devil nor to give their throne of heart to the other. However, they could lose their chance of their life forever, because they have not totally surrendered themselves to God immediately.  Such postponement means that they choose to give the Devil a place to be the master of their lives. If so, then that person is free to do anything that pleases his heart. That is the life bonus for someone who chooses the Devil to be his master. He can even enthrone himself on the throne of his life.

It is different when someone gives the throne of his life to God, then he must be willing to be bound. He can no longer be free doing everything he desires. His life will be totally in tight control. He cannot walk at any time. Every time he walks, he should start with the statement “On God’s consent”. If God does not want him to do something, then he should not do it despite of having strong urge in his heart. Whoever gives the throne of his life to God will always try to know Him, to understand His heart’s desire to be done. He will stop exploiting God; instead he will start doing everything for His interest.

How can we suppress our desire or willingness that against God’s will? There are several steps that enable us to enter that territory. We should be aware that everything desired by man will end up in vain.  For anything desired by us will someday come to an end and disappear . Because man’s desire generally put aside the desire to do God’s will. This makes man becoming god for himself, even for his neighbor if he is strong enough. However, they are not aware of this, for they think that having a desire is a common thing in life. For the Old Testament’s people,  it was lawful to have their own desires and plead God to bless them, but it is very different from the New Testament’s people who are called to glorify God in and through all things.1 This refers to live entirely for God’s interest.

Living for God’s interest means to have sensitivity to understand everything that God wants him to do in his life. This is  not merely marked by types of activity conducted. Therefore, do not think that someone who  carries out church activity means to live for His interest. In this case there are many deceptions. People are fooled by themselves and deceit others. Living for God’s interest starts from someone’s sensitivity to understand God’s will in his life.  Indeed, it is hard to detect whether someone is actually doing something for God or for himself. Only  someone who purely and honestly suppresses his own desire or willingness is able to serve God properly. Suppressing his own desire means not to direct anything he does for his own sake. The most important thing for him is that God’s feeling be satisfied. These are the people who have got their rest (Greek. anapauso; ἀναπαύσω) as promised by Lord Jesus for those who come to Him.2

This is what actually seek and hoped-for by congregation of a big religion, where they hope for a level of serenity when all desires are melted into emptiness. The distinction is that we melt all of our desires into one will, which is God’s will. The serenity that we have does not refer to the serenity encountered in a temple or a silent cave in the midst of a wood, but on the contrary amongst the crowd of man. Our simplicity is not marked by physical circumstances, but within our spirit.

1) 1Corinthians 10:31;   2) Matthew 11:28-29.

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