The story about the five wise girls and five foolish girls which is told in Matt. 25: 1-13 , has creates grief feeling because of the its described tragic. But actually the tragedy in this parable has not yet represented the full horror of the true situation, namely when someone is rejected by the living God. At that time, people will truly realize what does a precious salvation mean. If this salvation is wasted, it will result in God’s rejection of those who waste it (Heb. 2: 1-3).

What does wasting salvation exactly mean? Wasting salvation means not accepting or not responding properly to the salvation that God has given. Notice, how the stupid girls were not allowed to enter the wedding banquet party. They actually are also waiting for the bridegroom. They are looking forward to it too. But they don’t have oil supplies. This means they do not carry out their job in accordance with the correct procedure. The correct procedure is to have oil supplies. The oil that the Lord Jesus presented in this parable is an illustration of the attitude of alertness. It is shown in the parable how the foolish girls dos not have the opportunity to prepare oil. This means that the oil must be prepared in advance.

The attitude of being alert means an effort to maintain a harmonious relationship with God and develop or make it more qualified. Harmonious relations are good, real, and it can be felt. The characteristics of a person who has a harmonious relationship with God include: Those who always converts every day. This is in line with the growing recognition of God and the maturity of conscience to recognize mistakes. People like this will have real holiness growth. They will highly defend for God’s work, without limits. For him, the ministry of God’s work is his life. All of this cannot be done in one day, even a week, or one month. All of this is a habit of life, that must continue every day. This is actually what meant by putting the Kingdom of Heaven first.

The big danger that many people don’t realize is delaying the right attitude towards salvation that God has given, something that actually should be done immediately and continuously. In Heb. 12: 16-17 revealed the failure of Esau to enjoy or take advantage of his birthright. He lost his birthright because he did not behave correctly towards the birthright granted, which was indeed his right. He exchanged his birthright with a plate of food. In the story written in Gen. 27: 1-4, it is evident that Esau felt that he still had the birthright. He was very careless, he considered lowly what had been done before, that he exchanged birthright with a plate of food (Gen. 25: 29-34). Of course Esau does not intend or does not mean it and is not serious about selling his birthright, but his careless actions are enough to make him lose his birthright.

Notice, how he did not question from a long time ago about matters relating to his birthright. When the situation was urgent, then he seriously questioned, but it was too late (cf. Gen. 27: 30-35). This is the same as the story of 5 foolish girls from what Matthew 23: 1-13 notes, of course they did not intend to be rejected and did not want to be rejected. But their carelessness – where they did not prepare themselves and even underestimated the preparation – was enough to make them lose a valuable opportunity. The five stupid girls only questioned the oil supply at the wrong time. This teaches us that we should not in time question the matter of salvation, because of our carelessness that does not prepare for our own salvation in advance. Don’t question salvation at the wrong time. The Lord Jesus reminded us not to waste the opportunity during the day (John 9: 4). Pay attention to the way the devil destroys the lives of believers and destroys them, namely by making someone swept away in preoccupation with things that are trivial, meaningless, and with momentary pleasure. This is Esau’s fatal mistake which must not be imitated or repeated.

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