16. Homologeo

The willingness of someone to suppress his old self is shown by his effort to live by pleasing the Father seriously.1 Pleasing the Father is not only based on the sacrifice of Lord Jesus at the cross, but also nothing is more important in His life than “fulfilling the Father’s will”. This will be used as the measurement whether Lord Jesus will know us or not. In Matthew 7:21-23, Lord Jesus says that only a person who does the will of the Father may enter the Father’s glory. They will be known by God. The word “declare” in Matthew 7:23 is originated from a Greek word homologeo, which is translated into “confess” in the King James Version Bible. The word homologeo means to declare publicly. Today God has not admitted someone publicly or not declared yet. But later each of us will face the fact whether God will admit us publicly or not.

From this Lord Jesus’ statement we get a religious lesson that our salvation does not stop at believing Lord Jesus as our God and Savior alone, but it should be until we get the status of fulfilling the Father’s will. Certainly, the people who will be rejected by God in Matthew 7:21-23 are not the ones who do not know Lord Jesus as God, but they do not fulfill the Father’s will. After believing in Lord Jesus as our Savior, we must be made His disciples and grow in maturity to become persons who “fulfil the Father’s will”.

After finding this truth, it is very important that we question ourselves whether we have fulfilled the Father’s will. Then, we must understand what is actually meant by fulfilling the Father’s will. If we see the context, when Lord Jesus delivered the statement, it derived from the rise of false teaching, which was brought by false prophets. A prophet is someone who stands before the congregation to deliver the Words of God. In the context of our age, prophets are persons who stand on a platform delivering the Words of God. Therefore, a speaker or preacher at the church’s platform today is a prophet. When the Devil fails to prevent people from repenting and receiving Lord Jesus, it turns out that he still has a chance to deceive the believers, with the objective to make them fail to fulfill the Father’s will.

Anticipating this deception, God’s children must study the truth seriously. We must fight and struggle to get the truth every day. The truth only comes from the Bible. It is not a pastor’s great experience, visions and dreams, but the Bible’s content which is understood correctly. After understanding the Bible correctly, they will understand the Father’s will. After understanding the Father’s will, they will be able to fulfil it. After fulfilling the Father’s will, they will bear fruit. The fruit here means implementing the truth of God concretely in life. God wants “the fruit” exactly just like He wants. God does not want other fruit that derives from other sources, which taste does not come from Himself.

Watch Matthew 7:22, there are people who have prophesied, casted out demons, done many powerful deeds, but they are not known by God. After all, the Devil cannot hide himself. By the wisdom of God we can catch his falsification. After all, a God’s servant who does not have the true fire from God will be clearly identified. Non-biblical statements will uncover the falsification mask of a false prophet. Therefore, the congregation must study the Words of God so that they can differentiate the Spirit of God from the spirit of false prophet. It is clear that the fruit that pleases God is the personality of Christ that appears in our lives. This is the kind of personality that the Father wants. It is not only no committing murder, adultery, stealing, and other general moral sins.

1)2 Corinthians 5:9-10.

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