15. Worldly Logic

One who truly experiences a new life should prioritize on things from above.1 When one makes a decision to choose the Kingdom of God, hence the end purpose and his main activity is to build up his spiritual logic and God will cultivate a craving for His Kingdom. What is meant by the logic here is his pattern and mindset base. Being spiritual means something that has a greater value than the impermanence of the world. A spiritual logic accordingly is a mindset that is based on the yet-to-come world.

This spiritual logic is expressed by Paul in his letter: “Because we are not looking at what can be seen but at what cannot be seen. For what can be seen is temporary, but what cannot be seen is eternal.”2 The original text of the word “looking at” is skopounton from the root word skopeo which means to heed; to consider; to take aim at. We pay special attention and take aim at what is unseen. Why? Because what can be seen is temporary but what cannot be seen is eternal. It is a fool if one doesn’t pay attention and consider matters which are eternal. In the Gospel of Matthew, Lord Jesus said moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal.3

The basic mindset of people nowadays commonly is not about God’s Kingdom but about the world. These people are soaked up by the power of this persuading world just like the devil’s seduction towards Lord Jesus.4 The characteristic of those who are taken up in the devil’s seduction usually shows appreciation and priority to today’s life more than that to God. This is the worldly logic. It is a mindset that is based on today’s world, which can be seen. (GK. blepomena, Eng. which are seen). This is temporary (Gk. proskaira, Eng. temporal, for a season, for the occasion only). Proverbs teach us to learn from the ant. Ants are creatures with little strength, but they prepare their food in the summer.5 Summer time will change to rainy season. This advice is related to Lord Jesus’ advice in Luke 16:9, “And I tell you, make friends for yourselves by how you use worldly wealth, so that when it runs out you will be welcomed into the eternal homes.”

For this, we should be willing to leave our incorrect mindset that is based on today’s world. Let us contemplate awhile about this matter today and accept it as our definite belonging.  Reflection on this, we will feel a great and unexpressed joyfulness. As the chosen men of God we should walk with definite steps to synchronize our status and our immense presence with our attitude every day. The fact is, there are many Christians that are not ready, just like Abraham who left Ur-Chaldeans without understanding of the purpose of that journey. Just like the Israelites who were reluctant to leave Egypt to receive the promise land that God had provided. What God promise us surely is a blessing that is amazing. Because of that, we should not worry and be afraid about tomorrow, be it tomorrow while we live in this world or tomorrow in eternity. Believers are intended to inherit His kingdom.

As stated, it is now visible whether one decides to be God’s ally or God’s enemy. From man’s side, it depends on his decision and his choice. It will be a durable effort on how to relocate our mind and attention from this world to His Kingdom. The truth of God will set us free.6 This freedom will place one’s heart in the Father’s Kingdom. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.7

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