The essence of the Holy Spirit baptism is when the life of the believer continually changed by the work of the Holy Spirit for the purposes to fulfil the plan of God the Father. The plan of God the Father is to destroy the work of Satan by turning human beings to reach perfectness like the Father Himself , which has been demonstrated by the Lord Jesus. This is the main vision of the Holy Spirit sent by the Father and the Son as written in John 16:13 which is to bring people to believe in all truth. The Holy Spirit will open the minds of believers to know the truth. The truth as written in Romans 12:2 that renews a person so that they will not be similar to this world. That truth is also liberating. The Holy Spirit helps believers to have perfect lives, as God demands as written in Matt. 5:48, where His children must be like as the Father.

Led by the Holy Spirit is the act of God teaching truths to believers, both inside through the teaching of the Word (Logos), or outside through the life experience. We can notice the real function of the Holy Spirit is to guide people to believe in the whole truth which renews the mind. A renewed mind builds a new mind set or way of thinking. If the way of thinking is changed, then someone will be able to capture a new spirit, which fits the thoughts and feelings of God. By using other explanation is:The results of being led by the Holy Spirit has enable human to find the spirit (desire or passion), which if one lives according to that spirit shall experiences a very radical change, which is putting on the divine nature; a whole new way of living. This change is a permanent change, not temporary or vague.

When viewed from the original text, the word “led,” uses the word ago (ἄγω). “Ago” translates as to lead, take with one, to guide. Whereas in “according to the spirit,” the word according is “kata” (κατὰ). “Kata” (κατὰ) is actually a preposition, but has the meaning to follow, obey, according to or through. Leading or directing, in this case refer to the leading from Holy Spirit to believers. While related to living according to spirit, the word “according to” means adjusting. In this case the believer must adjust to the will of the spirit. The second mentioned spirit here is not the Holy Spirit, but the desire or passion that is generated after experiencing the process led by the Holy Spirit.

So, if it is said to live according to the spirit, is not living as the wish from the Holy Spirit, but to live according to the desire or passion that has been awakened from the results of life struggle to live under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. That desire or passion belongs to or a part that has never been separated in one’s life. In this case, it is clear that God wants to change believers permanently through the guidance of His Spirit, so that believers have Christ’s spirit, or the quality of character alike Jesus. When we reach this level, that person shall automatically acts according to the thoughts and feelings of the Father and the Lord Jesus..

The true believer will have to go through this process, for those who receive Holy Spirit guidance will accept the similar spirit, however for those who did not responds to God process through His Spirit command will never meet the salvation who leads them to God’s original design. They will never know about living according to the Spirit. They will never wear the Divine nature. They will not fulfill what has become the life principle of Lord Jesus principle:“My food is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work”

The sovereign God wants believers to live according to the spirit. This must be obeyed. This absoluteness can be seen in Rom. 8: 7-8, “For the desire of the flesh is enmity against God, because of the failure of the law of God; this is indeed impossible for him. Those who live in the flesh, may not be pleasing to God. ” From this explanation, it appears how hard it is to be Jesus’s follower or to be a believer. Thus, salvation is actually not something easy, nor cheap. It is the struggle that takes up all life, so that someone experiences a change from living according to the flesh into someone who lives according to the spirit. Of course, human’s response is crucial to experience this change. So, it is a mistake for those who thought that the salvation of human beings is unilaterally done by God’s determination and His choice. In fact, God chooses people, and they must struggle to be truly chosen, meaning struggle to achieve the salvation purpose, that is living according to the spirit, and becoming like Jesus.

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