10. Not Just a Momentum

Actually, the Holy Spirit Baptism does not only refer to a moment, but it more refers to a process. Indeed, in the Bible, it implies that Holy Spirit Baptism is like a momentum. It is written a few times in the book of Acts.1The moment of Holy Spirit came, showed that an era or period of the Holy Spirit worked in believers’ life was just started. The book of Acts writes that all of the Holy Spirit Baptism has always been done by the apostles, and no one else. This is to show that the church was not built upon any foundation, except by the apostles.2The baptism happened in Jerusalem,3Judea,4Samaria5and Ephesus which represented the edge of the Earth.6After the period of the Holy Spirit Baptism on those places, there was no other period that showed Holy Spirit Baptism occured anymore like what happened in the early church, in the whole journey of Paul and apostles for many years and also in church history.

The Holy Spirit Baptism means that the believers are drowned into a life that united with the Lord in or through His Spirit. That’s why, the believers should not live with no responsibility as it will grieve the Holy Spirit who is sealed into them.7People who receive the Holy Spirit, means his body become the Temple of the Holy Spirit. He may not contaminate the body with sin. The people should honor God with their body.8A person who has received the Holy Spirit is the person who also receives the responsibility to learn and be a disciple to be perfect like what Father wants. In fact, by receiving the Holy Spirit baptism, the believers have a very hard demand, which is to struggle to become a different man from their circumstances and be worthy to enter the member of His household.9Then, they have to put all of their life unlimitedly to serve God.

As a mature believer, we do not expect the Holy Spirit baptism which followed by spectacular signs like what has happened in Jerusalem anymore, actually, it is because when someone believes in Lord Jesus, he has received the Holy Spirit baptism. The important thing is how we keep the relationship with God, live in true sanctity and keep in maturity or perfecting process. If there is a “special visit” for God’s people in specific period, where spectacular signs have been revealed, those things are only to show that the Holy Spirit still exists to guide the believers to the salvation work. Frequently, God’s visit is a reprimand to Christian people that they have loved this world. A visit which followed by spectacular signs is not for Christian people to repeat those spectacular signs as the signs of Holy Spirit baptism, but it is for the church to turn back to the salvation purpose given.

There are a lot of churches misunderstood it, they thought that God’s visits like what had happened in Azusa Street, Los Angeles, California, USA on 6 April 1906 until 1915; is the warning and order from God so Pentecostal signs which happened in Jerusalem in 30 AD, has to be repeated. Pentecost and Charismatic movement emphasize on those signs but less concern on the purpose of the visit, which is a perfect morale of children of God like the Father. In fact, we see many Pentecost figures have fallen into offense morale. Meanwhile, the congregation also does not show a high quality life as a member of the Kingdom of Heaven which has the morale like the Father or Lord Jesus. Churches which were born from the movement in Azusa Street are broken as there are many conflicts and clashes. In several years afterwards, the movement became lukewarm and cold so that they needed next visit. Not a few churches condition which declare as “Pentecost inherit” become a mockery by many Protestant churches which is non-Pentecost or non-Charismatic. Actually, the truth is that all of Christian people from any churches are Pentecost inherit.

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