It must be emphasized that the election of Jacob as the ancestor of the nation of Israel, is not an election that has a direct impact on all human beings. It is only an election of a nation, that will give birth to the Messiah, and they become a nation that keeps the secret of the introduction of the Sanctuary, i.e. the Elohim Yahweh. Actually, God can also choose any nation, but in His sovereignty, He chose the nation of Israel. The election of Jacob as the ancestor of the Messiah by God based on His sovereignty, must not be the basis of the election, and appointment of individual as the elect, who are allowed to enter heaven.

In the end, the real chosen people are the descendants of Abraham by faith. The decision to choose Jacob is not a decision that has a big impact compared to the fact of eternal salvation for every individual. Being a faith-based people is a struggle, for faith is not only a rigid guidance or approval of the mind. Faith is a concrete and real action, in which one must live in obedience to the will of God. Those who refuses to live in obedience to the will of God, means refusing to believe.

In that case, the difference is clear between the chosen people by blood and flesh, and by faith. The chosen people bylood and are automatically as the elect. This happens not by works, but by choice and calling. The believer by faith, does not automatically become a chosen people because of the birth of a Christian family. Each individual Christian must respond to salvation by acting according to the will of God. Obeying God’s will is faith.

It is important for the Israelite to determine who their ancestors are, but to mankind in general (the Gentiles), such selection or determination is not as important as for the Israelites. For mankind or other nations, what is important is the presence of the Savior who takes up the sin of the world, no matter from any nation. It is a mistake that the selection of Israel-as a people based on God’s sovereignty-is aligned or paralleled with the eternal salvation of the individual; as if God had ordained the nation of Israel as the chosen people, so the Lord established the salvation of each individual in eternity. God never determines a person to enter heaven on the basis of his sovereignty unilaterally, by ignoring human responses and responsibilities. It should be emphasized and affirmed that the context of the Romans chapter 9 is only about Israel’s selection, not the determination of individual eternal salvation. It must be remembered that Paul’s explanation in Romans 9:1-5, is about the Israelites who individually rejected Jesus as the Messiah. This became Paul’s sadness, even though they were God’s chosen people by blood and flesh, but they failed to become the eternal chosen people.

So one day later, the salvation of all human beings will be realized through the nation of Israel, then Elohim Yahwe acts in an extreme manner, releasing the nation from the grip of Egypt. God used the hands of Pharaoh to realize His plan (Rom 9:17,For Scripture says to Pharaoh: “I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.”). The phrase “raised” in this text does not mean God takes over someone’s will, and then controls it, so that someone is made a puppet to do something, including evil deeds, as done by Pharaoh. Of course it was not like that.

The Pharaohs is “already evil”. The pharaoh’s evil state can be used to fulfill God’s plan. This is not the same as “making Pharaoh evil” for God’s purposes. In this case, it is evident that the basic premise of a person determines his perspective or how he views it. If the basic premise of a person is that God determines everything, then inevitably he must declare that God made Pharaoh become evil and use the wickedness of Pharaoh to fulfill His plan. But this is a false view, because it can depict or show that the Elohim of Israel is not a smart and good Person.

However, if the basic premise is that God gives free-will to everyone, it will be understood that Pharaoh’s wickedness is not made by God, because he indeed has been evil with his decisions and choices, and this used by God to fulfill His plan. So it can be known that God is an intelligent God, because He could implement His plan perfectly, without controlling human’s will. So on the judgment day, God cannot be blamed.

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